The Art of Dieting

Welcome to The Art of Dieting™. Losing weight and keeping it off are among the most difficult things a person can do. This website is designed to help make it easier, no matter which diet plan you are following. And if you aren’t on a weight loss diet, but just want or need to eat differently, then this site will help you with that. And, in the process, encourage you to enjoy the freedom and independence of living on your own terms, making the decisions that are in your own best interests.

What’s your greatest food temptation? For those who are tempted by cookies, imagine feeling a calm, “take it or leave it” detachment when cookies are passed around the table. Imagine feeling relaxed and confident when something formerly irresistible no longer has any power over you. Imagine gracefully avoiding the 7-layer dip at a dinner party without any sense of awkwardness. Imagine really enjoying the foods you want to eat, and not feeling compelled to eat the ones you don’t want.

You are not dieting in a vacuum. My goal here is to raise awareness of the external persuaders that make it so difficult to stick to a diet, and to provide coping skills for handling them easily and gracefully.

Please feel free to comment after the articles and to share your ideas, inspirations, tips, and insights.

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